Laminum Visual


Laminum Visual, the only of its kind in the market, offers a virtual preview of optic impression of colours on a plastic or aluminium window. Based on a favourable market response, we have focused this service/programme mainly on architects, commercial agents or end customers who do care about what they buy and who want to plan everything precisely so that the final effect corresponds to their ideas as much as possible. Take a seat and try to look for the colour that matches your personality the most.

SuperGLUE 5000

SuperGLUE 5000



COLOR classic

Why Color classic

Why Color classic?

Color classic foils represent well proven experience in designing of colour design of buildings that can change your façade to a large unique harmonic piece of art.

Golden Oak 2178001-167Eiche Dunkel 2052089-167Mahagoni 2097013-167Nussbaum 2178007-167Antrazitgrau 701605-167Shogun AC 49197Shogun AF 49198Shogun AD 49195Bergkeifer 3069041-167Oregon 1192001-167Eiche Natur 3118076-167Eiche Hell 2052090-167Eiche Rustical 3149008-167Streifen douglasie 3152009-167Macore 3162002-167Sapeli 2065021-167Moreiche 3167004-167Hellrot 305405-167Dunkelrot 308105-167Weinrot 300505-167Brillantblau 5007705-167Dunkelblau 503005-167Stahlblau 515005-167Moosgrun 600505-167Dunkelgrun 612505-167Weiss 915205-168Cremeweiss 137905-167Lichtgrau 725105-167Achatgrau 703805-167Grau 715505-167Titanium 436-7049Basaltgrau 701205-167Basaltgrau hladka 436-7048Antracitgrau hladka 701605-083Schokobraun 887505-167Schwartzbraun 851805-167Braun Maron 809905-167Black Cherry 3202001-167Schwartzgrau hladka 436-7023

COLOR exclusive

Why Color exclusive

Why Color exclusive

Color exclusive foils represent current fresh and modern trends in perception of buildings as unique elements starving striving for making your façade a unique and unrepeatable piece of art.

Alux DB703 F436-1014Sheffield Oak light F456-3081Kupfer 988005-195Anthrazitgrau metbrush 436-1006Silver 436-1002Aluminium 436-1001Winchester 49240Siena PL 49254Siena PR rosso 49233Siena PN noce 49237Cherry Amaretto 436-3043Noce sorrento balsamico 436-3042Noce sorrento natur 436-3041Wallnus amaretto 436-3058Birke Rose 436-3031Irish Oak 3211005-148Rustic Cherry 3214007-195Soft Cherry 3214009-195Tabasco Teak 2222004-195


Final sale

Detailed view

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